Background History Questionnaire

Are you sick of a paper based system where clients fill in their background history on paper? Report Hero has an online questionnaire that clients can fill out at home. Once they have completed it, a message is sent to you so that you know you can download the completed questionnaire. If you use Cliniko, demographic information is able to be uploaded to your client's file as well as a PDF of the questionnaire.

Report templates

A standard template is provided for your report OR if you love the template that you already use, we can get your template working with Report Hero so that report writing is so much quicker.‚Äč

Personal Pronouns

It's a headache having to change all the he, she, him and her pronouns every time you use your template. Report Hero does this for you. It also inserts the child's name throughout the report so there is not more "search and replace"!

Strategy Bank

Report Hero comes with a bank of strategies that you can drag and drop into your report. It's never been easier to make suggestions for strategies to help with skills that are challenging for clients. You can add to the strategy bank so that you can re-use your strategies as and when they are needed.


All client data is stored on secure Amazon servers in Australia.