Fast Assessment Reports for O.T.s

Pre-fill your report template with demographics and assessment results, letting you focus on communicating your clinical reasoning to the report readers.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy Reports

Automatically populate your reports with names, gender pronouns (e.g. he/she, his/her), background information, and your assessment results in the blink of an eye.

Parents fill in an online background questionnaire.
After the assessment, therapists enter in some assessment results.
Report Hero magically merges the background and assessment results with a template.
You can customise your report with strategies from the strategy bank.

Great Features include

Background Questionnaire

A customisable online background questionnaire. All demographic information is pre-filled into the report.


We securely store your data both in-transit and at rest.

Pre-built Templates

Suzanne, our resident OT, has over 20 years of Paediatric experience, and provides her own template for you to use. Customise it with your logo.

Your Own Templates

We know many therapists have their own existing templates. We'll help you set it up and get it working well with Report Hero.

Strategy Bank

Reuse your treatment strategies, customising them automatically to your client.

Paediatric O.T. Assessments

Report Hero is built for Paediatric O.Ts and has built in support for your assessments like the Beery, and VMI.

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